MUG '04 Network and Computers

Welcome to Daylight MUG '04! As in past years, we have a nice network and a bunch of toys tools for you to use to make MUG more productive and more fun.


As in past years, the network services provided at MUG are tied to the Internet via a wireless (T1-speed) link to Daylight's research office. The network is connected to an external section of Daylight's network that is isolated from the corporate network.

All services are outgoing only - you can access the internet, but the MUG network is located behind a NAT firewall, and there are no incoming services generally available. Also, be aware that this is a fairly open network, so you should use encryption and take measures to protect your information, especially if you are running Windows.

Type of connections available

There are physical connections (green ethernet cables) available in the breakout room. In addition, there is an open wireless network (MUGNET) that you can use on your 802.11b-equipped laptops.

Network Settings

If your computer supports DHCP, you're all set (except for the outgoing mail server). It should just be plug and play. However, if you need to enter any settings manually, here they are (note that if you need an IP address because you can't DHCP, you should see Pete Wargo.):


Several computer systems are provided for your use this year - feel free to use them to compile software, web surf, or whatever. Each system for general use has a general-purpose login name 'mug', with the password 'coffee' - since these are shared accounts, you should keep your data in a subdirectory with your name, and not keep any confidential data on the system you are using. All systems will be wiped clean after MUG.

Systems this year


We have 5 Sun Blade 2000's with dual 900MHz UltraSPARC III+ (copper) CPU's and at least 4G of RAM. All are loaded with Daylight 4.8.3, Sun One Studio 8 (Sun's latest compiler), as well as assorted freeware, including recent versions of gcc, python, etc.


We also have five Mac systems (all in the breakout room) this year, all running OS X 10.3.2 and loaded with Apple's Xcode and Daylight 4.8.3.


There are also two other systems on the MUG '04 network for your use:


If you have questions, contact any Daylight staff member. Especially useful is Pete Wargo, the Systems/Network Administrator. He's the big bald guy with the beard who walks around muttering to himself and twitching...