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Informatics Strategy Evolution


The over-arching goals of the informatics group are
To build a world-class informatics infrastructure that supports drug discovery and development
To provide a rich data and information environment that enhances knowledge generation and sharing and improves the discovery process.
To develop proprietary applications that are truly novel, tightly integrated with IPI processes and provide a real competitive advantage.
These Goals are keyed to the drug discovery and development goals of the organization and are mapped to the evolution of IPI’s strategy
Basically there are 3 integrated parts to the informatics organization
Software programmers and systems concerned primarily with the app infrastructure
Informatics concerned with the integration of the apps, data with the science and process
Computational sciences concerned mainly with generation of information from the data in the context of the projects and science
It’s important to put the efforts of 2003 in the context of the systems and infrastructure foundations built in 2001-2002 and, going forward, what we hope to achieve over the next year or so