MUG '04 -- 24 - 27 Feb, 2004

What's New in Version 4.83

Michael A. Kappler
Daylight, CIS


The current release is Daylight Software v4.83. It is minor release that upgrades parts of the software and documentation. Supported platforms are Sun, Red Hat, SGI, and Macintosh. Areas of new development include depiction aesthetics, DayCart optimizations, the Perl wrapper, a Windows distribution, and bug fixes.

Daylight Software

New Developments

DayCart Optimizations. A new, experimental optimizer package is included with DayCart in this version. It is specific to Oracle 9i and 9iR2 and gives the user the ability to query and scale the statistics provided to Oracle. Entry points have been added to the DayCart shared object file ($DY_ROOT/lib/, and the current "ddoptimizer" should be uninstalled before the current one is installed. This is an experimental package, and is not recommended for use with production Oracle databases. Positive testing and feedback may result in a fully supported optimizer in v4.9.

Statistics are associates with the ddpackage package and ddexact, ddgraph, ddrole, and ddblob indextypes. The user can query selectivity values and CPU and I/O costs that the optimizer provides to Oracle, which are used internally by the SQL execution engine to choose an execution plan. Selectivity values range from 0 to 100 percent. CPU and I/O costs are available for functional and index execution paths. CPU costs are reported in cycles and typically range from 100 to 10,000. I/O costs are reported in blocks. For more information, see $DY_ROOT/dcischem/README.optimizer9.

DayPerl Build. DayPerl is a wrapper which provides access to the Daylight Toolkit from Perl language programs. A completely new build procedure for DayPerl eliminates many of the Perl version related problems with the previous build and is located in the $DY_ROOT/contrib/src/perl/DAYPERL_BUILD directory. This version of DayPerl (v1.4) is supported for Perl v5.6 to v5.8. You can download the DayPerl build and compiled files from

Windows Distribution. Daylight Software is available on Microsoft Windows in native form. Yes, it's what you wanted! This is a public beta release, meaning it's "Officially Unsupported", and some of the features are not complete or fully tested to our satisfaction. All Toolkits except Program Objects, Rubicon, and XView, are included. DayCart is available. The only binary provided is "testlicense". For more information, see the Windows-specific README file included in the release. This software is distributed as a self-extracting ZIP file and is available "upon request".

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