MUG '04 -- 24 - 27 Feb, 2004

PyMOL Tutorial

Warren L. DeLano
DeLano Scientific, LLC


PyMOL is a molecular visualization and manipulation system based on an Open-Source software foundation. The program is designed to meet a variety of the molecular graphics, animation, and presentation needs of research scientists in academia and industry, including display of structure information over a LAN or the internet. Here we demonstrate how PyMOL can be used as an interent helper application with the Fedora system, or as a standalone application.

Though most version of PyMOL may be obtained and used without licensing costs, all users are asked to purchase a PyMOL license and annual support subscription so that DeLano Scientific can develop, maintain, and support the package.

Obtaining PyMOL Software

There are multiple versions of PyMOL that you may wish to download:

  1. FedoraPyMOL is a specific version of PyMOL for use as a helper application with the Fedora servers may be downloaded from the Fedora download page, login required.
  2. The latest builds of cross-platform PyMOL are available for Windows or Linux. They can be obtained from the PyMOL Beta download page.
  3. MacPyMOL is a commercial version of PyMOL that has been enhanced for Aqua and Mac OS X. It may be evaluated for 90 days without obligation, and can be obtained from the MacPyMOL Beta download page.
  4. Other versions of PyMOL, including official releases and source code, can be obtained from the PyMOL Home Page.
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