MUG '04 -- 24 - 27 Feb, 2004

The DayCart component collection for SciTegic's Pipeline Pilot

Rob Brown
Scitegic, Inc.


Pipeline Pilot is a data manipulation and analysis application that allows users to build and execute informatics workflows. These workflows consist of components that perform individual operations on the data, and pipes that connect the components together to define the sequence of operations. Components can be native to Pipeline Pilot or can be integration components that use third party data sources and applications. SciTegic has built a component collection that integrates DayCart and made this available to joint SciTegic / Daylight users. The collection includes components for selecting, inserting and joining data with a pipeline and components that access cartridge functionalities for SMARTS and similarity searching, canonical SMILES and fingerprint calculations. This talk will describe the component collection and show working examples of protocols that use the components.

Presentation slides:

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