MUG '04 -- 24 - 27 Feb, 2004


Erik Brauner
Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology
Harvard University Medical School


ChemBank is a project underway at Harvard's Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology (ICCB) to produce a public web resource of data and tools to aid in chemical genetic research and high throughput screening. It is designed to serve the dual function of supporting internal ICCB needs such as compound registration, and screening data handling, while also providing a public repository of screening data and data about small molecules. ChemBank has been designed using Daylight's Daycart system, and is entirely web based. Major challenges in this project have centered around handling such extreme data sources as pure protein screening data, screening by imaging data, biological target data, and combinatorial library synthesis paths. Our solutions to these problems and our progress thus far are presented in detail.

Presentation slides:

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