% man testlicense

testlicense(1)          Daylight Programs          testlicense(1)

     testlicense - verify that a Daylight license is valid.

     testlicense [-i|-v|-t|-p|-s name]

     testlicense invokes Daylight's license-checking functions to
     verify that a Daylight license is valid.  It has three uses:

          To verify that a newly-installed  system's  license  is
          valid  and the environment variables (e.g. DY_ROOT) are

          In shell scripts and makefiles  to  test  for  specific
          licenses,  such  as to decide whether or not particular
          program should be compiled.

          During installation, the "-i" option will print the CPU
          ID information needed for your license (see below).


          Don't check the license; instead, print the identifying
          information  for  this particular machine (i.e. for the
          "cpu type:" and "cpu idno:" lines of the license file).
          The  output  is  suitable  for  using  directly  in the
          license file.


          Give verbose information about the license  processing,
          including the license sources used and the complete set
          of features licensed.  Extremely useful for debugging.

     -t name

          Test if Daylight Toolkit name is licensed; return  zero
          exit status if it is, or nonzero if not.

     -p name

          Test if Daylight application program name is  licensed;
          return zero exit status if it is, or nonzero if not.

     -s name

          Test if Daylight servers are authorize to use the  ser-
          vice name (from /etc/services); return zero exit status
          if name is an authorized service, or  nonzero  if  not.
          (Note  that  it  is  services,  not  servers,  that are

     -t any
     -p any
     -s any

          In the special case where name  is  "any",  testlicense
          checks  only that the license is valid and returns zero
          status if it is.  It does not check for any  particular
          program, toolkit, or service.

     Returns status zero if the license is found and is valid, or
     one  if  the license is invalid or can't be found.  If there
     is a problem, a diagnostic message  is  printed.   The  '-v'
     option can then be used to debug the difficulty.


          Test for a valid license and print (on standard output)
          a list of licensed products.

     $DY_ROOT/bin/testlicense -i

          Print the machine's identifying information, e.g. on  a
          Sun, it might print:

          cpu type: sun4u
          cpu idno: 80abcdef
          identity: cpu,sun4u,80abcdef
          identity: ipv4,

     The following small sh(1) shell script will print a  textual
     indication of whether the SMILES toolkit is licensed:

          if testlicense -t smiles ; then
             echo "SMILES Toolkit is licensed"
             echo "SMILES Toolkit is not licensed"


     licensing(5), Daylight Theory Manual

Daylight v4.81      Release Date: 20 Dec 2002                   2