MUG '02 MUGnet

Users Guide

This page contains user information pertaining for the MUG meeting computer network, MUGnet. Some frequently asked questions are answered below. Technical details are available for Network Information and System Administration. For other questions or comments, talk to a Daylight Krewe member or email Michael A. Kappler.

Frequently Asked Quections: How Do I ...

Try the Latest Daylight Software

Log into a computer using username "mug" and password "coffee". The public machines are labeled a yellow sign. The machines are preconfigured with Daylight Software icons on the desktop. We're put together a list of software for demonstration at demos.html.

Check Email or Browse the Internet

Log into a computer using username "mug and password "coffee". The public machines are labeled sunray1 through sunray5 and sgi1 through sgi5 (if in doubt, they're connected to a yellow cable). The machines are internet ready. Alternatively, you can use your own computer as described in Connect a computer to the network.

Connect a Computer to the Network

Connect your computer to a green cable. If you have DHCP capability, go to Plan A, otherwise, go to Plan B.

Plan A: Get a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Address

Plan B: Set a Static IP Address

Connect a Computer to Daylight Servers

Connect your computer as described in "Connect a Computer to the Network". You will now be able to access Daylight servers. If you would like to host Daylight services on your computer, you will need to be part of the "normal" network (not DHCP) so others can "see" your computer. In this case, talk a Daylight Krewe member for an open IP address from the Specific IP Information table. Use this information (instead of DHCP parameters) and follow Plan B: Set a Static IP Address.

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