MUG '02 -- 26 Feb - 1 Mar, 2002

Integrated Compound Management using Daylight, Java and Oracle9i - the GNF Compound Management System Project

Elena Rodriguez, Steve Wilkens
Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation

Chris Palmer, Jack Crawford
Managed Ventures


The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) and Managed Ventures, LLC will present the results of a project to build an integrated Compound Management System (CMS) to support GNF's informatics architecture.

Dissimilar information technologies and application programming interfaces (APIs) have inhibited the automation of compound management workflow in life sciences organizations. Many organizations face the challenge of moving data in specialized software applications, lab notebooks, spreadsheets and proprietary formats through the time-critical processes demanded by high throughput screening (HTS).

This project has demonstrated that a Java-based architecture can greatly improve the efficiency of combinatorial chemistry and HTS while leveraging the value of key third party components, including, Linux, Oracle, Borland, Rational, Reagent Selector, Irori, Afferent, JChem and Daylight. This talk will describe the CMS, which includes the GNF Registration System (GRS), Plate Reformatting System (PRS), Plate Locator System (PLS) and Compound Request System (CRS). The talk will be followed by a demonstration of key features of the browser-based system.

Presentation slides:

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