Patch Installation Instructions

Version 4.73
November 15,  2001

Note: A patch contains previous patches. You can migrate directly from v4.71 to v4.73, and you'll get everything from v4.72.

The following are the main steps to a patch installation of Daylight software.

  1. [Down]load/unpack the software archive from:   WWW    or    CDROM
  2. Note:The current Daylight software installation will be unaffected by unpacking the patch TARball. Unpacking the patch TARball will create a v473patch subdirectory with an installation script named dayinstall473.

  3. Execute v473patch/dayinstall473 and interactively follow the instructions. The installation will save existing files in case you want to uninstall the patch. A installation is recorded in a file named v473patch/dayinstall473.log. Click here for a sample log.

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