daytag: a Taglib for Web Development with Daylight

Ragu Bharadwaj,
Daylight CIS Inc.

daytag is a tag library for accessing Daylight functionality in JSPs. In this talk I shall

Web applications do 2 things

Web apps were written via 2 models:

Both models suffer from the problem that because display & logic are interspersed, maintenance & changes are difficult. To alleviate the problem:

Taglibs (short for tag libraries) introduce custom tags within a JSP(Java Server Page) engine such as Tomcat. A JSP engine such as Tomcat can plug into a web server such as Apache, Netscape or IIS, or can function independently as a web server itself.

daytag is a taglib for accessing Daylight functionality from within Daylight. The daytag documentation can be accessed here.

Some examples using daytags are available here

One of the advantages of using taglibs is the availability of free taglibs at the Jakarta website. For example the DBTags taglib provides a great way to access Oracle and Daycart via standard SQL from JSPs. Query results are easily parsed via available tags. A web application to access the VCS database being developed by John Bradshaw has been created using the daytag and DBTags. Due to taglib usage, it took us about a a week to develop the app. (Most of the time was spent figuring SQL)

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