MUG '01 -- 15th Daylight User Group Meeting -- 6 - 9 Mar 2001

Common Interface to the Daylight CIS and Relational Databases

Pat McGreevy
DataAspects Corporation


DataAspects Corporation (DAC) creates software tools that merge data from relational databases and the Daylight Chemical Information System into integrated screen displays. DAC tools enable the end user to register compounds search Daylight databases, and retrieve chemical information via the Toolkit, DayCGI, Oracle Cartridge and JavaGrins. Simultaneous transactions with relational databases enable the user to manage inventory and biology systems. This talk will demonstrate the simple code used to communicate with Daylight and the use of this code in user applications that manage data on ChemBio, Combinatorial Chemistry and in vitro assays.

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.