Patch Installation Instructions

Version 4.72
March 6, 2001

The following are the main steps to a patch installation of Daylight software.

  1. [Down]load/unpack the software archive from:   WWW    or    CDROM

    NOTE: The current Daylight software installation will be unaffected by unpacking the patch TARball (e.g., gzip -d day472-sgi.tar.gz; tar xvf day472-sgi.tar). Unpacking the patch TARball will create a v472patch subdirectory with an installation script named dayinstall472.

  2. Execute v472patch/dayinstall472 and interactively follow the instructions. The installation will save existing files in case you want to uninstall the patch. Following is a sample session (automatically recorded in v472patch/dayinstall472.log) of applying the v4.72 patch on a SGI system.
EXEC thor Fri Mar  2 09:08:03 MDT 2001

This is the Daylight software installation program for UNIX computers.
There are four parts to this installation:

  1. Questions/answers: you specify settings.
  2. Confirmation:      you confirm that it is OK to start installation.
  3. Installation:      software and other files are copied and decompressed.
  4. Post-installation: instructions and site-specific information.

During the question/answer part, the following rules apply:

  1. Most questions contain default answers in {braces}.  Enter just
     RETURN to select the default answer.

  2. You may abort this installation at any time by pressing the EOF
     character (usually either the CONTROL-D or the DELETE key).

This installation script may have trouble if your TERM environment variable
doesn't match the terminal type you are using.  If you don't see "Instructions"
at the top of this section, then TERM is probably not correct.  Your local UNIX 
expert can help you with this.

Do you want to proceed? {yes} 

Step 1: Q&A

DY_ROOT is set to /usr/local/daylight/v471

Do you want to reset DY_ROOT? {no} 

Step 2: Confirmation

	Operation:	install v472
	DY_ROOT:	/usr/local/daylight/v471
	BACKUP:		<filename> files to <filename>.v471
	RENAME:		v471 to v472
	LINK:		v471 to v472

Ready to install? {yes} 

Step 3: INSTALL Daylight v472

mv bin/thorserver bin/thorserver.v471
x bin/thorserver, 224164 bytes, 438 blocks
mv bin/merlinserver bin/merlinserver.v471
x bin/merlinserver, 336844 bytes, 658 blocks
mv bin/dayutilserver bin/dayutilserver.v471
x bin/dayutilserver, 605360 bytes, 1183 blocks
mv bin/clogptalk bin/clogptalk.v471
x bin/clogptalk, 391644 bytes, 765 blocks
mv bin/clogp bin/clogp.v471
x bin/clogp, 391644 bytes, 765 blocks
mv dayhtml/index.html dayhtml/index.html.v471
x dayhtml/index.html, 2937 bytes, 6 blocks
mv dayhtml/doc/admin/install.html dayhtml/doc/admin/install.html.v471
x dayhtml/doc/admin/install.html, 2615 bytes, 6 blocks
x dayhtml/doc/admin/patch_install.html, 3920 bytes, 8 blocks
mv dayhtml/doc/release_notes/index.html dayhtml/doc/release_notes/index.html.v471
x dayhtml/doc/release_notes/index.html, 3685 bytes, 8 blocks
x dayhtml/doc/release_notes/readme_v472.html, 13940 bytes, 28 blocks
x dayhtml/doc/release_notes/readme_v472_linux.html, 1651 bytes, 4 blocks
x dayhtml/doc/release_notes/readme_v472_sgi.html, 2241 bytes, 5 blocks
x dayhtml/doc/release_notes/readme_v472_sun.html, 1836 bytes, 4 blocks
mv dayhtml/doc/release_notes/release_history.html dayhtml/doc/release_notes/release_history.html.v471
x dayhtml/doc/release_notes/release_history.html, 5469 bytes, 11 blocks
mv dayhtml/java/grins.jar dayhtml/java/grins.jar.v471
x dayhtml/java/grins.jar, 200031 bytes, 391 blocks
x dcischem/dd_basic_clean.plb, 666 bytes, 2 blocks
x dcischem/dd_basic_create.plb, 51946 bytes, 102 blocks
x dcischem/dd_blob_clean.plb, 83 bytes, 1 block
x dcischem/dd_blob_create.plb, 42812 bytes, 84 blocks
x dcischem/dd_exact_clean.plb, 85 bytes, 1 block
x dcischem/dd_exact_create.plb, 25902 bytes, 51 blocks
x dcischem/dd_graph_clean.plb, 85 bytes, 1 block
x dcischem/dd_graph_create.plb, 28256 bytes, 56 blocks
x dcischem/dd_role_clean.plb, 83 bytes, 1 block
x dcischem/dd_role_create.plb, 41695 bytes, 82 blocks
x dcischem/optimizer_clean.plb, 293 bytes, 1 block
x dcischem/optimizer_create.plb, 38110 bytes, 75 blocks
x dcischem/synonyms_clean.plb, 829 bytes, 2 blocks
x dcischem/synonyms_create.plb, 1512 bytes, 3 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_basic_test.ref_out, 15355 bytes, 30 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_basic_test.sql, 5699 bytes, 12 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_blob_test.ref_out, 6851 bytes, 14 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_blob_test.sql, 3960 bytes, 8 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_exact_test.ref_out, 1510 bytes, 3 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_exact_test.sql, 1950 bytes, 4 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_graph_test.ref_out, 2121 bytes, 5 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_graph_test.sql, 2263 bytes, 5 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_role_test.ref_out, 2256 bytes, 5 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/dd_role_test.sql, 2407 bytes, 5 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/extdemo0.sql, 663 bytes, 2 blocks
x dcischem/TEST/run_tests, 792 bytes, 2 blocks
x dcischem/create.sql, 4911 bytes, 10 blocks
x dcischem/clean.sql, 251 bytes, 1 block
mv lib/ lib/
x lib/, 670484 bytes, 1310 blocks
mv lib/libdt_smiles.a lib/libdt_smiles.a.v471
x lib/libdt_smiles.a, 1140196 bytes, 2227 blocks
mv lib64/ lib64/
x lib64/, 756960 bytes, 1479 blocks
mv lib64/libdt_smiles.a lib64/libdt_smiles.a.v471
x lib64/libdt_smiles.a, 1472644 bytes, 2877 blocks
x lib64/, 1390200 bytes, 2716 blocks
mv libo32/ libo32/
x libo32/, 603268 bytes, 1179 blocks
mv libo32/libdt_smiles.a libo32/libdt_smiles.a.v471
x libo32/libdt_smiles.a, 870676 bytes, 1701 blocks
x readme-v472, 11640 bytes, 23 blocks
x readme-v472-sgi, 1885 bytes, 4 blocks
x readme-v472-sgi-deprecated, 50 bytes, 1 block
mv v471 v472
ln -s v472 v471

Step 4: Post-installation

Read the README files


Daylight Chemical Information Systems Inc.