MUG '01 -- 15th Daylight User Group Meeting -- 6 - 9 Mar 2001

MetaSymphony and DayCart

Lewis Jardine, Mitch Miller, Toly Krassavine
NetGenics Inc.


MetaSymphony is a completely flexible, user oriented, database browser and explorer designed to operate across heterogeneous datasources. It eliminates the need for the user to have data base (or Daylight Toolkit) skills while still preserving the rich search options. It was originally developed for use with Merlin and Thor and has formed the heart of Abbott Laboratories SPARK project.

Part of the development strategy is to integrate MetaSymphony with as many data sources as possible and DayCart is the first Oracle Cartridge to be integrated. The product was aquired by NetGenics last year together with the developent team and the product strategy and progress to date is presented.

Presentation slides

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