MUG '00 -- 14th Daylight User Group Meeting -- 22-25 Feb 2000

Linux SIG

All Daylight 4.71 software will be supported under RedHat Linux for Intel. The Daylight Linux port works just like other Unix's. There's not much else to say about it! So instead of scheduling a talk to not say anything interesting other than, "See, it works.", we'll have a demo. Linux system(s) will be available for everyone to use thoughout the meeting.

One cool thing about Linux is that it runs well on laptops. Aside from the regular Linux box, we'll try to set up a "mixed laptop network" for this demo ... a ThinkPad and a PowerBook each running Daylight software under Linux, connected to each other, each client-ing and serving Thor/Merlin databases with the other. At this point, we're *not* planning on supporting Daylight Software under Linux on Macintosh hardware, though it will be demonstrated here. Maybe this is something we should talk about? (The "mixed laptop network" will use people's personal laptops just for this demo. It won't be available for general use.)

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