Computational Trends

Ragu Bharadwaj

Daylight CIS Inc.

This is an informal forum for discussing upcoming changes in the computing industry and their effects for Daylight products. Gripes about current products and possible solutions are also welcome.

Some of the visible upcoming changes we see are:

As a result

Most Unix flavors have migrated to 64-bit addressing, 64-bit Linux on Intel has already been released for the Intel Merced (aka Itanium) which is expected to be released this year.
As a result, 64-bit thor will be available RSN on 64-bit Unix and will be available on 64-bit Linux as soon as it becomes available. (64-bit addressing for file-systems is already available in Linux on Intel, however 64-bit pointers are not yet)

While Java has lost momentum on the front-end (due to Microsoft's mostly successful attempts at killing it) it has gained tremendously on the server side. Java servlets and Server-Side Java & JavaScript are being used increasingly.