EMUG99: VDB intro - Weininger

VDB toolkit

EuroMug'99, 28 October 1999, Cambridge, UK
Dave Weininger, Daylight CIS, Santa Fe, NM


The VDB Toolkit is a new database toolkit under development at Daylight. It provides client-side, readonly access to multiple Thor databases. This toolkit supports the vdb (virtual database) object, which behaves as if it were a single database containing all the data in it's member databases.

The raison d'être of vdb's is to simplify access and management of large database projects, such as VCS (Virtual Chemical Stores, which is expected to grow to ~70 databases). In such cases, it is much more convenient to manage individual databases as logically independent entities yet be able to access all the data as if it were a single database. Such situations probably occur in many large institutions, e.g. managing data in corporate, project, and commercial (but in-house) databases. We're considering offering the VDB toolkit as a product for general use.




vdb's are definitely in our future. However, it is not clear whether the vdb toolkit will make the cut for Release 4.71.

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