EMUG99: adept - getdep - Weininger

adept: dt_get_depiction

EuroMug'99, 28 October 1999, Cambridge, UK
Dave Weininger, Daylight CIS, Santa Fe, NM

Description of dt_get_depiction()

This is preliminary and is likely to change before release.

dt_Handle dt_get_depiction(dt_Handle adept, dt_Handle ob);
  Return depiction object for input object `ob' using the current adeptserver
  depiction method.  The depicted object will be a molecule or reaction.
  Valid input (and depicted/reference) object types are as follows:

  input object type          depicted object       highlighted object
  ------------------------   --------------------  ------------------------
  reaction                   self                  none
  molecule in reaction       parent reaction       molecule
  molecule not in reaction   self                  none
  depiction                  base object           none?
  conformation               base object           none
  substructure               base object           substructure
  path                       base object           members of path
  pathset                    base object           members of all paths
  atom in reaction           grandparent reaction  atom
  atom not in reaction       parent molecule       atom
  bond in reaction           grandparent reaction  bond
  bond not in reaction       parent molecule       bond
  cycle in reaction          grandparent reaction  atoms and bonds in cycle
  cycle not in reaction      parent molecule       atoms and bonds in cycle
  datatree                   dt_molecule()         none
  dataitem                   dt_molecule()         none
  datafield                  dt_molecule()         none
  string                     per depictor method   per depictor method

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