EMUG99: adeptserver intro - Weininger


EuroMug'99, 28 October 1999, Cambridge, UK
Dave Weininger, Daylight CIS, Santa Fe, NM


Daylight will be producing a new kind of TCP/IP server called adeptserver, which (guess what?) provides the adept service. Originating from a discussion during the MUG99 meeting, it was intended to provide a depiction tool, i.e., a utility for delivering customized 2D depictions in a distributed manner. During development this summer, it evolved into a generic program-object-based compute server which is likely to be useful for many other functions.

The adept architecture is very simple. adeptserver is a normal, full-blown TCP/IP server, similar in form to thorserver, merlinserver and daytoolserver. adeptserver communicates with clients primarily via Thor datatrees and uses program objects to do computational tasks such as generating and rendering pictures. The overall system is robust, flexible and very extensible. It is expected to meet our long-term structural display needs.

One question remains: why didn't we think of this years ago?

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.