Name		: VCS_print_graft

	Synopsis	: dt_Boolean  VCS_print_graft 
				      (  tdtlen, tdt,  bufsize, id,smi)
                          int   tdtlen,
			  char *tdt,
			  int   bufsize,
			  char *id,
			  char *smi

	Arguments	: tdtlen,	Length of tdt
			  tdt,   	thor datatree
			  bufsize,	buffer size
			  id,		compound id
			  smi 		SMILES

	Description	: A new (sub) tree is printed to stdout.

                          code is obtained from $VCS_SUPPLIER and is the
			  indirect database code for a particular supplier.
			  $VCS_ID is obtained from the environment variable 
			  VCS_ID_TAG. Default is $VCS_ID

			  Depending on the value of smi:-
			  If smi is NULL then tdt represents a non-
			  structure rooted tree and the rest of rest
			  of the input tree is written out, no more work
			  is done on this tree.
			  If smi is not null, then it represents the 
			  version smiles for the structure derived from 
			  the connection table provided by the supplier.
			  The original tree with all its associated data
			  is printed out except for the final '|', with
			  the initial $SMI replaced by VISM. Note that as
			  these trees come from mol2smi() they contain
			  no subtrees.
                          The following are appended to the tree
				AMW<Version average molecular weight>
				MF<Version molecular formula>
                          Note this has the effect of grafting 


				  AMW<Version average molecular weight>
				  MF<Version molecular formula>
	                  onto the tree started with VCS_print_rootstock().	
			  The tree is terminated in VCS_print_new_growth().

	Restriction	:

	Error		:

	Modules		: VCS_print_rootstock,

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