Name		: VCS_cansmi

	Synopsis	: dt_Handle VCS_cansmi (  len, smi )
	                  int   len,
			  char *smi

	Arguments	: len,  Length of SMILES string
			  smi   SMILES string

	Description	: Converts a SMILES string into a sequence of
			  SMILES string objects normalised according to
			  a set of rules classified as

				Make molecule ionic. Ensure as far as 
				possible that input molecules do not 
				have bonds to alkali metals etc.

                                Fix_charge_separation. Put nitro groups
				etc into the uncharged forms.

				Remove_charges. Ensure as far as possible 
				that the components of the molecule have
				minimum charges by removing or adding 
                          The resultant molecule is canonicalized and
			  returned as a sequence of string objects.

	Restriction	:

	Error		:

	Modules		:

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