Chemical structure databases have been traditionally stored in non-relational systems.  Biological data has traditionally been stored in relational systems.  With the emergence of ORDMSs (Object Relational Database Management Systems), we have investigated the possibility of  using an ORDBMS to integrate these two kinds of data.

Object Relational Database Management System versus a Relational Database Management System- What's the difference?



Ref:  Michael Stonebraker Object-Relational DBMSs The Next Great Wave,Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., San Francisco, CA, 1996. Why not use commerically available products or proprietary custom applications?

Current approaches for integration:

With the current rate of data acquisition due to combinatorial chemistry and High Throughput Screening (HTS), Information Technology groups  are constantly faced with the challege of custom data integration applications.  Can we use Daylight and ORDBMS to generate a database which allows for flexible application interfaces to be built on the order of weeks instead of months?
EuroMug'98, 6-7 October 1998 Cambridge, England
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