Java ~ Hype and Reality
   What are Beans?
   Designs and Integration
   Data-Model at the Core
   Daylight Connectivity Issues
   Demo and Outlook

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Our presentation will fall into two parts. First, a rapid slide-based description of the underlying technology and the way in which we are positioning ChemSymphony Beans to complement the Daylight Toolkits. Our technology overview will give you quick 'takes' on: Java, JavaBeans, ChemSymphony Beans, the underlying object-model  and some of the implementation questions that come up when customers use ChemSymphony Beans.

The second part of the presentation will be a demonstration of some work in progress.  By using the release ChemSymphony Beans and some prototypical Beans (which may form part of a Daylight compatibility JAR) we will show how ChemSymphony:Daylight connectivity will be useful.

Useful to whom? Useful to users and potential users of Daylight Toolkits, of course. In our view, ChemSymphony Beans can extend the reach of the Daylight technologies. Our aim is to build an additional suite of components within ChemSymphony which specialise in interfacing to Daylight's toolkits, databases, languages. The point of this effort is not to replicate but to complement the Daylight expertise. We think that this is worth doing because the Daylight expertise is very valuable and could be more valuable if these Beans will make it easier to integrate Daylight services in the complete scientific enterprise.

Java jargon: the aim of this project is to build a Daylight JAR (JavaBeans are shipped in JARs - Java ARchives)  which will enable plug and play compatibility between ChemSymphony Beans and Daylight resources.