ChemSymphony's data-model


   The data-model is used by all the Beans 
   Key role of the Generic Chemical Model
   Connect Beans to Daylight
   Filters and Adapters
   Components are vital in building intranets
   Snapshots of Demo

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ChemSymphony has at its core an object-model or data-model which is used 'as needed' by all the Beans. The data-model is arguably the key to ChemSymphony's breadth. The data-model was designed with chemistry in mind and it is 'open-ended' in the sense that it can and is being added to and improved. The basic issue in demonstrating ChemSymphony's interoperability with Daylight is a matter of mapping the two data-models onto each other. The usual line of attack for any ChemSymphony enhancement or improvement is to develop modular code: for example to differentiate between 'filters' which translate between data-streams in a universal fashion and 'adapters' which handle the practical details of network connections and communications.

 We shall now demonstrate how this connectivity works.