ChemSympony Beans:

and Daylight Toolkits


We will hope to have a Beta of the Daylight JAR at the

 MUG '99 23-26 February

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We have used this user group meeting as an experiment. We first needed to test and prove our assumption that it feasible to adapt ChemSymphony Beans to work with Daylight Toolkits. We set ourselves the project of building an initial prototype in 3 weeks. The extent to which this succeeds is attributable to (a) the flexibility and suitability of ChemSymphony Beans as software components (b) the open-ness and explicitness of the Daylight API's. It has been possible to develop these connectivities quickly because Daylight provide much information for the developer through their manuals and on-line documentation.

But this presentation and the accompanying demonstration is also an experiment in the sense that it is a very preliminary prototype. If the user feedback tells us that we are not on the right track, we will take a fresh look at the objectives and re-think our approach.

We look forward to your comments, criticisms and suggestions. If we are on the right track we will hope to have a reliable and beta-testable Daylight JAR early in 1999. If we have to re-think the approach, it will take a little longer.