4.52 Bug Fixes

Toolkit problems:

584  Depict Toolkit.  dt_label1(Dep), dt_label2(Dep), where Dep refers to a
597  Monomer Toolkit.  dt_canchuck(ob) (ob == invalid or NULL_OB) causes a 
588  Thor toolkit.  For molecules where the first atom is a hydrogen, the
     part-ntuple can fail with a crash (eg. $SMI...).
593  Thor toolkit.  Thor toolkit incorrectly reapplies normalizations to
     streams of datatrees from a database.  The result is that "AUTOGEN"
     dataitems are duplicated.  This shows up in 'thorlist'.  Does NOT corrupt
598  SMILES Toolkit.  The toolkit can lose track of the suppressed hydrogen
     list (explicit hydrogens in an input SMILES which do not have special
     properties).   When this happens, the toolkit program can crash. 
610  SMARTS Toolkit. dt_copy(pattern) fails for some reaction-oriented
     patterns.  Also, dt_copy(transform) fails.

Applications problems:

581  Nearneighbors on IRIX6 machines.  Combination of semaphore status and 
     multiprocessing options causes empty output file.
583  Nearneighbors.  Standard output for nearneighbors output causes sepaphore
     key collisions.
594  Thorlookup.  Documentation error, the default is -RETRIEVE_ALL FALSE,
     contradicting the help text.
595  Clogp.  Inconsistant labelling of output tables - 4.51, 4.34, and 3.55.
611  Prado, Treetops, Tablet.  Memory leaks cause process size to grow

Server problems:

589  Merlinserver.  Speed up loading of pools with lots of datatypes (new hash
596  Merlinserver.  User-supplied program objects fail because of an internal
     security modification to progob toolkit.
606  Thorserver.  Database (.DP file) corruption when new TDT is shrunk
     by >32 bytes (no data loss).