Daylight intends to provide a comprehensive set of interoperable Java beans customized for Daylight's databases and applications. These tools will enable secure web-based query, exploratory data analysis and visualization of chemical information over corporate intranets and internets and will further be extendable and customizable by the user. The tools will be designed to be used by the non-programmer. As seen from the figure this toolset will consist of 3 parts. The first part will consist of a set of query beans that will enable query creation via several techniques. For example the user might draw a structure using a Java Grins beans, enter text using text query widgets, or have his own programs output information to a query bean. These query beans will be invokable on demand for creating a query. The second part will enable the user to analyse the query results using methods from a bank of analysis beans which could be queued. For example one could use a Sort bean to organize the query results by increasing activity, followed by a Oare bean to eliminate all molecules containing a sulfonamide group that have low activity. The third tier enables choice of different modes of visualization for the query data. For example, one could view the query results as a hyperlinked 2D plot of the m.w against activity. By hyperlinked, we mean that clicking on any points of interest on the graph would bring up a tdt visualization widget containing all information on the molecule represented by that point on that graph. Given that the widgets will all be beans, they will be fully customizable and further modifiable by the more sophisticated users. This will also enable creation of your own custom widgets within any tier. Users will be able to link beans between tiers and will therefore be able to create query to analysis to visualization chains. They will further be able to iterate between tiers thereby enabling exploratory analysis.