I will be discussing Daylight's future Java-based applications and plans. Daylight intends to provide a comprehensive set of interoperable Java beans customized for Daylight's databases and applications. These tools will enable secure web-based access to Daylight's databases over corporate intranets and internets using point and click techniques and will further be extendable and customizable by the user. Java Grins, a Java-based version of Grins and an important piece in our Java Toolset has been partly implemented and is on exhibition now. I'll be discussing its current status and future release features. This will be followed by a discussion of the security model to be adopted in Daylight's Java Tools. Automatic garbage collection, networking ease and a pure object model, in addition to platform independence make Java an extremely easy and popular language, with reduced development time. To create a Java Toolset that will be modified and used extensively, we also intend to provide a comprehensive Java interface to Daylight's toolkit. We will discuss some of the choices available for this along with their advantages and disadvantages. We will conclude by discussing some of the other widgets in preparation for the Java Toolset.



Java Tools