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We are going to build a spectacular research office for Daylight in Tesuque, New Mexico. If all goes well, it will open in the spring of 1997.


Purchase negotiations, design and construction plans are complete. We are currently waiting for final zoning approval and building permits. Barring delays, construction should start in mid-late January.



The current Daylight research office is a leased adobe building in downtown Santa Fe which was used in the 1940's and 1950's as a midwifery clinic and home for unwed mothers. It has good karma (6000 kids were born in our office!), nice doors (carved by fathers in lieu of payment) and a great location, but most practical aspects like ventilation, power and floor plan aren't so great. We need a better office to provide a more stable environment for our equipment and room for planned expansion (we expect to double the research staff over the next few years).

Our primary goal is to build an environment which enhances creativity in chemical informatics development. Since we "live by our wits", the concept is pretty straightforward: if we continue to produce innovative software, we win; if not we lose. Although the goal of building a creativity-optimized environment is a "no-brainer", figuring out how to actually implement it is not so simple. Some elements: lots of space and art, places to talk both informally and formally, room to walk and juggle, excessively capable computer and communication resources, a comfortable guest suite for visiting scientists.

We have elected to convert an existing building in Tesuque, New Mexico, a town just north of Santa Fe. The building is a 5000 SF passive solar structure which was built in 1984 as an art gallery. It sits on 1.2 acres of a 10 acre outdoor sculpture garden. The structure itself is an extremely efficient subterranian design, with 17' ceilings, a 100' clerstory and large south-facing glass walls. Here are some photos of the existing structure and site:

The interior will be completely gutted and remodeled to optimize working and creative spaces. The most notable design element is a large central plaza which will provide areas for our document collection, shared equipment, informal meetings (and juggling!) Uninterruptible power and communications will be delivered though in-floor raceways. Along with offices, we finally get a purpose-built machine room, conference room (with aquaria and videoconferencing ;->), indoor and outdoor lunch areas, a loading area and garage (with electric vehicle recharger) and a guest suite that's more like a home than a hotel (with a full kitchen, laundry and private patio). Here's the floorplan:

The parking lot is currently designed for 150 cars which is about 20X more than we need. We're planning on lining-out about 30 spaces and converting the rest to a wide-spaced orchard suitable for occasional parking. Here's a neat twist: we've made an informal deal with the Shidoni gallery to allow them to use this area for overflow and weekend parking in return for the use of their corporate-owned sculptures in and around our offices. Note that the floorplan is designed to allow forklift access just about everywhere -- that's not just for computers -- anything that fits on a forklift and is less than 15' (4m) high will fit.

Should be fun!

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