Program merchant -- a merlin application program.

Calling syntax: $ merchant [args]  databasename

This program reads a file of smiles or fingerprints on standard input and produces lists of similar structures, based on the similarity of each target to the entries in the database.

The database given as an argument should have (a) binary fingerprint datatype(s) and must be open for searching by the specified merlin server (if not specified, on local machine). The supplied programobject "merlin_fingertalk" is expected to be running.

Database specification format is: database@host:service:user The database name must be specified (other fields are optional).

Arguments are (defaults)
-HELP                   this message
-FP_SIZE size           maximum size of fingerprint (4096)
-MINPATH n              FP minimum path size (0)
-MAXPATH n              FP maximum path size (7)
-FP_TYPE type           FP type
-FP_TAG  tag            FP thor tag (FP)
-SIM_TYPE type          Similarity type
-LIMIT n                Number of records to retain (10)
-MODAL thresh           Threshold value for modal fingerprint (0.5)
                        In modal mode the input is read up to $$$$
                        and the set of compounds used to create the
                        modal fingerprint.