EuroMUG '05 -- 5 - 7 Oct, 2005
Beta releases of similarity searching tools

John Bradshaw
Daylight CIS Inc

Six programs are available for users to explore the advances in similarity searching available from Daylight.

It is unlikely that these will become full-blown applications in this form, but rather functions built into our search engines.

For example the multimer program will probably become a toolkit function analogous to dt_fp_similarity

    dt_Real dt_fp_multi_similarity
        (dt_Handle  sequence of fp, 
         dt_Handle  fp , 
         dt_Integer expr_len,
         dt_String  expression,
         dt_Integer fusion_type)

In their current form they behave like other toolkit programs, expecting input on stdin and putting their output on stdout. It is therefore straight forward to wrap up these functions as cgi or SOAP services.

Anyone interested in trying out these programs should contact

Copyright 2005, Daylight CIS, Inc.

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