This program adds different types of fingerprints to a TDT for use in merlin searches. Unless the OVERWRITE option is used the fingerprints are given different tags.

Program addfp - add FPs to TDT stream                            
Calling syntax:  $addfp [options] [<in.tdt] [>out.tdt]                     
            -MINBITS n [32]                                       
            -MAXBITS n [2048]                                     
            -MAXDENSITY dens [0.3]                                
            -MINPATH n [0]                                        
            -MAXPATH n [7]                                        
            -ID id [none]                                         
            -KEYS filename                                        
            -Z                  ... zap old FPs                   
            -OVERWRITE          ... replace old FP's keep tag     
            -MINOR_REPORT n [20]                                  
            -MAJOR_REPORT n [1000]                                
            -HELP                        (this help)