EuroMUG 2004:
Training Session

Daylight staff will be offering an informal training session on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 3, 2004. The training will be held at Daylight's Cambridge Offices in Sheraton House at Castle Park.

The content is intermediate in nature and is designed for an audience with some familiarity with Daylight and programming languages. The material will culminate in a lesson in the implementation of Program Objects using DayCart.

12:00 Sandwiches
1:00 Welcome and Introductions: John Bradshaw
1:05 Toolkit Intro: Michael Kappler
Overview of the Toolkit
2:15 Break
2:25 Toolkit Documentation & Contrib: Michael Kappler
Toolkit Functions
Example Code in Detail
2:45 DayCart Intro: Kathy Myers
DayCart Functions
DayCart Program Objects
Example Code in Detail
3:30 Afternoon Tea