This is Daylight's HTTP-Toolkit SMILES to GIF (SMI2GIF) program. This program is an HTTP Service built on the HTTP Toolkit and supercedes the DayCGI product line. The thoughts behind what makes this a powerful tool is described in the MUG '03 talk at

Configuration & Use

To begin using this program, you'll need to configure it as a CGI or execute it as a web service. For CGI installation, see the Web Server onfiguration section of the HTTP Toolkit Programmer's Guide. To use this program as a web service, execute the program with the port number option. For example, '$DY_ROOT/dayhttp/smi2gif -port 8080' starts the program listening for requests on port 8080. To access the service on port 8080, you would point your browser to http://<your-machine-name>:8080.

Migration from DayCGI

This service supercedes SMI2GIF & DEPICT DayCGI by supporting new features and maintaining backwards compatibility. Migration from DayCGI to DayHTTP simply means changing URLs that contain /daycgi/ to /dayhttp/.

New Features

There are new features in this version, including support of XSMILES (SMILES in Kekule form) and standardized URL syntax for SMILES and options. The following URLs contain documentation and links that illustrate program features. Both documents are the same, the only difference being one contains links to SMI2GIF and the other to DEPICT. Go to /dayhttp/smi2gif?smiles=examples for documentation SMI2GIF links and /dayhttp/depict?smiles=examples for documentation with DEPICT links.

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