EuroMUG '03 -- 9 - 10 Oct, 2003

René DayCart - High Performance Web Access to Cheminformatics using Hitlists

Craig James
Moonview Scientific


The move from Thor/Merlin to Oracle has highlighted two shortcomings in cheminformatics. First, relational databases such as Oracle don't have Merlin's powerful and intuitive "hitlist" concept. And second, most web-based cheminformatics systems have been disappointing, typically plagued by confusing query builders and poor performance.

Happily, one solution solves both problems: implement hitlists in Oracle. René DayCart builds on Merlin's hitlist concept, providing web access to cheminformatics. René improves on Merlin's hitlist cababilties, making it possible to correctly search complex, multi-dimensional data. René hitlists are stored in Oracle, so searches are automatically available for later perusal and further refinement. Users can store multiple hitlists, copy hitlists, and combine hitlists using logical operations. René is driven by meta-data, and can be configured to search almost any database schema "in place", without the need to migrate or warehouse. We will demonstrate René on several interesting databases.

Presentation slides:

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