EuroMUG '03 -- 9 - 10 Oct, 2003

Don't forget Thor and Merlin! - an (almost) integrated chemical data system

Dr. Chris Earnshaw
Ionix Pharmaceuticals Ltd
418 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0PA, UK


A set of intercommunicating intranet packages have been created to assist Ionix Pharmaceuticals chemists design parallel arrays and source reagents. The core components are an 'Available Reagents' database originally created in DayCart but now implemented using Thor, Merlin and Oracle, coupled with a combinatorial library design package to create and filter virtual parallel arrays. These core components in turn work with additional modules to allow creation of orders and carry out compound registration into the corporate database. Developed in close cooperation with the end users this software is now in routine use.

Presentation slides:

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