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Jack Delany

DAYLIGHT Chemical Information Systems, Inc. Mission Viejo, CA USA

Release Schedule:

The current release is 4.82. It is a patch release of 4.81, and includes bug fixes and new features. We expect a minor release (4.83) early in 2004. The next major release will be summer of 2004 or later.

Versions and Support:

Historically, Daylight has supported our software more-or-less indefinitely. Most users stay current with the latest versions of the software on their own.

Bug fixes for older versions were generally handled on a per-customer basis; we don't automatically back-port bug fixes to older versions.

More and more users are adopting our software for their production applications. In this arena it's much more effort to modify or upgrade working production systems, so we expect that we will have users that can't or won't upgrade in order to address a deficiency.

With that in mind, it's worth reiterating our release version policy:

4.83 Plans: