HTTP Properties

Server Properties (read/write):
http_toms5000 select timeout in milliseconds
http_sips*.*.*.* service IP network
http_disallowNULL path prefix disallowed to robots
http_mimetext/html MIME type of reply
http_setcookienonecookie instruction to agent
http_authorizenoneagent authorization
http_bgcolor#E0E0E0 background color (sticky)
http_bgimage/factory/image/sunback.gif background image (sticky)
http_barcolor#D0D0D0 header/footer color (sticky)
http_barimage/factory/image/sunbold.gif header/footer image (sticky)
http_navbarNULL navigation bar HTML (sticky)
http_topiconNULL iconic logo image (sticky)
http_toplinkNULL iconic logo link (sticky)
http_titleHTTP Properties HTML page title
http_subtitleNULL HTML page subtitle
http_refresh0META nocache/refresh request (sec.)
http_msgnoneinformational message to be delivered
http_htmlheadnoneoverrides standard HEAD section
http_htmlbodynoneoverrides standard BODY declaration
http_replysuppressedcontents of HTML body
http_factoryTRUE truthfulness of access to properties and information
http_errorsTRUE truthfulness of error logging to dt_error_save()
http_bottomleft<IMG WIDTH=94 HEIGHT=42 SRC="/factory/image/sun9442.gif">Daylight sunburst icon
http_bottomcenter<A HREF=""><I>Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.</I></A><BR>
<A> </A>
Daylight homepage and email links
http_bottomright<A HREF=/>argv[0]</A> program name

Informational Properties (read-only):
propertyvaluedescription hostname of server machine
http_port1111 port number being serviced
http_servicesmi2gif service name
http_epoch1032947613 server start time since epoch (seconds)
http_nreqs17 number of requests received
http_nhands15 number of requests successfully handled
http_lips192.168.1.62 local IP address of host
http_rips192.168.1.62 remote IP address of caller
http_httplevel1.0 HTTP request protocol
http_methodGET HTTP request method
http_path/factory/etc/props.html URL request path
http_heads8 pairsHTTP header name-value pairs
http_postsnonePOSTed name-value pairs
http_cookienonecookie from agent
http_challengenoneagent challenge

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.