Installation Instructions

Version 4.71
August 1, 2000

The following are the main steps to a full installation of Daylight software. Steps without asterisks must be followed to ensure a happy Daylight system. Steps with an asterisk are optional, depending on the desired and licensed packages and configuration. Please read the descriptions to decide if a configuration step is appropriate for your site.

If you are installing the 4.72 patch and 4.71 is already installed, do not use these these instructions. Go to Patch Installation Instructions.

  1. Create an owner of the software (normally thor).

  2. Create a Daylight directory (normally /usr/local/daylight).

  3. [Down]load/unpack the software archive from:   WWW    or    CDROM

  4. System and thor user customization (Modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc.)

  5. Obtain a License file from Daylight (either demo or standard)

  6. *THOR and Merlin (the Daylight database management system)

  7. *Upgrading databases to 4.71 (for existing 4.61 or 4.62 format databases)

  8. *JavaGrins and Dayutilserver (necessary for JavaGrins)

  9. *DayCGI (necessary for the DayCGI package -- web apps and tools)

  10. *Contrib directory (recommended and useful for Toolkit programmers)

  11. *Remote Toolkit / Daytoolserver (necessary for Remote Toolkit programming)

  12. Setting up user accounts

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