Developing Web Applications for Daycart

Ragu Bharadwaj,

Daylight CIS Inc

Several ways to create applications for Oracle.

As the Oracle Daycart cartridge uses standard SQL all these methods can be used for Daycart application development.

We discuss one such methodology for web application development. Our method uses

In the process we'd like to


XML is a way to present information in a containerized form. Information is presented just as in HTML, between tags. However only data & no presentation information is present. For example an address in XML is stored as
        <NAME>John Doe</NAME>
	    221, Pinehurst Ave.
	    San Diego
The above information may be presented as:

John Doe
221, Pinehurst Ave.
San Diego, CA 94210

when printed on top of an envelope. Or it could be represented as a bar code suitable for digital scanning. Or it could be represented as a LDAP record when inserted in an address database. Such conversion could be facilitated via:


So the idea is

Accessing the database

A demo finally.

Expressing a chemical query on the web page

Grins is a chemical editor family we have developed for such users. Grins occurs in the following flavors:

While multiple technologies are used, generating a new app is fairly easy. This is because: