4.8 Plans / Futures / Projects

Ragu Bharadwaj, Jack Delany

DAYLIGHT Chemical Information Systems, Inc.
Mission Viejo, CA USA

Current Release: 4.72.

It is a patch release of 4.71. Main feature: Cartridge on SGI and Linux. Also, support for 8i Standard Edition. Includes bug fixes to clogp, libdt_smiles.so, thorserver, merlinserver, dayutilserver.

Next Minor Release: 4.73.

This will be a patch release of 4.71 (cumulative). Minor bug fixes to reaction toolkit, SMILES toolkit, cartridge. Addition of grind server for Java Grins.

Next Major Release: 4.81.

4.8 Features:

Interface issues Daylight has 2 streams of server products for which applications are used:

The above technologies all can be used to develop turnkey solutions to suit individual company & project needs. Our focus, however, continues to be on providing toolkits and tools as opposed to turnkey solutions.

At the same time our users have a strong need for such solutions with visual interfaces for Windows desktops for our products

3rd party consultants, which include Modgraph, Netgenics, DataAspects Inc., & TJ O'Donnell are filling part of this role.

IT folk in our major pharmaceutical customers also use our toolkits to build custom solutions. To them the openness of the software engendered via the toolkit & tool approach carries a lot of value.

While we do have some fairly flexible open source web apps, the web as a medium lacks the high degree of interactivity required for exploratory data analysis.

How can we make the development of turnkey solutions for out customers easier?

What might these tools look like? Questions:

Summary of Major Directions: