HTTP toolkit
A work in progress

EuroMUG 2000, Dave Weininger, Daylight CIS

1.  HTTP service as a program paradigm

2.  HTTP service as a program paradigm

3.  HTTP toolkit

4.  HTTP toolkit

5.  New concepts

6.  /factory services

The HTTP toolkit provides a set of built-in resources, to enhance robustness and convenience. The caller's _loop method is invoked for /factory URI's; such requests can be denied (return 403 Forbidden or 404 Not Found) use the intrinsic service (return 303 Moved Temporarily), or serviced in the normal manner (overriding intrinsic behavior).

7.  Other cool stuff

7.  dayfetch

dayfetch is a simple program which accepts a URL/URI with a local filename argument, makes the HTTP request, then returns the content to a file or standard output. Combined with HTTP servers which provide text/plain services, this can provides the functionality of serial programs such as thorfilters, clogp, mol2smi, etc.

8.  Outstanding issues

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