The Novartis Avalon Datawarehouse Project

Bernhard Rohde, T. Müller

Novartis Pharma AG, ChemInformatics, CH-4002, Basel, Switzerland


The history and concepts of the data warehouses in Novartis Pharma Research are presented. The current data warehouse WinMerlin addresses the data mining aspect of warehousing. The new system, Avalon, will shift emphasis to workflow support in order to further improve usage and user satisfaction. In addition, it will provide means of grouping reports by structure depending on the task at hand. The implementation of these concepts with commercially available software, in this case Daylight toolkits and cartrige, improves developer productivity. Building the warehouse interface is, however, not a trivial task. The talk concludes with a live demo of the current Avalon prototypes on public data across a modem connection to demonstrate WAN compatibility of the concepts.