Running Xvstigmata

Xvstigmata is the visualization tool which accompanies the program stigmata. Xvstigmata expects a TDT file with datatypes, $SMI,NAM and ALAB. To generate the executable, xvstigmata, modify the makfilexv file to point to the correct directories and then type:

make -f makefilexv

This version uses a 10 color scheme, where White/blue is "hot" and red/orange is "cold". To change to a four color scheme see line 168 of xvstigmata.c. To run xvstigmata on an SGI type:

$DY_ROOT/bin/sgi4d xvstigmata

If you have followed the Running Stigmata procedure, then you will have a sample.stig file and a sample2.stig file to view. Select "Specify .stig file" and load sample.stig. The display should look like:

Select "Specify .stig file" and load sample2.stig and the display should look like:

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