Wizard FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Daylight's Wizard interface to Merlin.

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Is Wizard an acronym? Where does the name come from?

Wizard was chosen as the name for this daycgi program because it allows the user to be a "wizard" and create tailored web interfaces to Daylight databases.

What Daylight licenses and programs do I need to run Wizard?

This interactive web tool runs from any web browser (or at least the ones we are familiar with like Netscape and Microsoft IE). If run locally, it also requires an http server and a daylight database server (Daylight database package) with licenses for MCL (Merlin Control Language) and Daycgi (Daylight CGI toolkit).

What databases will Wizard display when I invoke the Wizard page?

Wizard searches the Daylight server machine which is also running an http deamon and displays databases which are loaded into Merlin on the server automatically. Wizard requires a 'http' user in the dy_passwords.dat file.

I've used Wizard to create a structural similarity search interface to my database. I can't seem to get it to display the results. What is wrong with this procedure: I selected "open database", chose "structural similarity search" entered a SMILES, but when I hit Submit (Execute this program) nothing is displayed.

You've selected a database and specified your search query, however you need to add a step 3, which prints the results to the HTML page. Continue on your page with "Next action: Print table or list", Set "Next table width" to the number of fields you want displayed. "Submit". Choose fields you want displayed in step 3, then "Submit" ("Execute this program").

Can I save specific Wizard result pages as a bookmarks?

No. Wizard is a interactive programming tool in which the end product unfortunately cannot be bookmarked. If the end user of a database does not what to create their own tailored interface everytime a databased is opened with Wizard, the MCL program which Wizard created can be saved and used to create a static web interface separate from Wizard. See $DY_ROOT/contrib/src/daycgi for examples on how to encorporate the MCL program generated by Wizard into a Daycgi script.

If I have questions or need more information who do I call?

For technical support, send e-mail to support@daylight.com.

For license and general product information, send e-mail to info@daylight.com.