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General instructions for Daylight's web interface to WDI.

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Daylight's HTML interface to WDI is a special-purpose interface to the World Drug Index. It is designed to deliver essential information quickly and reliably to users who do not need to be chemical information specialists.

This interface consists of a single logical HTML page which provides for user input and display of database information.

Query instructions

Enter any identifier of the desired drug in the space provided and click on the button marked "Submit". You may enter any name (e.g., WDI name, trade name, approved name, etc), CAS number, or SMILES (generic or isomeric). You may copy an entry from somewhere else and paste it into the entry field (the specific method depends on the HTML browser being used).

Report description

Data is displayed on the same logical page as the query.

If the given identifier is found in the database, an index of matching data entries will be displayed below the query entry section. If there more than entry in the WDI database with the given identifier (e.g., an ambiguous name), the index will contain more than one part. Each index entry consists of a structural depiction (if structure is known), and a preferred name which is hyperlinked to the data for that entry, and a list of database references matching the query.

Data is presented immediately after the index. The preferred name is the section header, followed by a structural depiction (or textual substance description, if no structure is available), followed by pharmacological data, followed by a list of trade names.

If "black-on-paper" display is requested, the report is modified to be more suitable for printing: depictions are drawn as black lines on a transparent background and the graphical icons in the index are omitted.