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General instructions for HTML SMILES depiction page

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SMILES is a simple yet comprehensive chemical nomenclature. The "depict" algorithm generates a chemical structure diagram for any SMILES. The "Depict" page is a combination of the two: enter a SMILES, see the depiction.


Type a SMILES and click on the button marked "Submit".

You may copy an entry from somewhere else and paste it into the entry field (the specific method depends on the HTML browser being used); this is the most common method for entering SMILES from a molecular editor. Most browsers allow you to enter RETURN instead of clicking the Submit button.

Although the SMILES entry area only shows about 50 characters at once, there is no limit to the number of characters that can be entered.

SMILES ends at the first space. Any text following the first space is treated as a name and becomes the depiction title.

How does it work?

The SMILES entry area and "Submit" button are a HTML form. Clicking "Submit" sends the entered SMILES to the HTML server which then invokes a CGI (common gateway interface) program to compute the depiction using the Daylight SMILES and Depict Toolkits. The resulting GIF image is returned to the client.

See also

  • Daylight Theory Manual

  • D. Weininger, "SMILES. 3. Depict: Graphical Depiction of Chemical Structures", JCICS, 30(3),1990,237-243.