Daylight THOR and Merlin Administration Guide

Daylight Version 4.9
Release Date 08/01/11

Copyright Notice

Daylight Toolkit are copyrighted &169; 1991- by Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc. of Laguna Niguel, CA. Daylight explicitly grants permission to reproduce this document under the condition that it is reproduced in its entirety, including this notice. All other rights are reserved.

The Mouse:

      The three mouse buttons have uniformly assigned functions:
         SELECT (left) ..... invokes primary action of object
         ADJUST (middle) ... invokes secondary/extended action of object
         MENU   (right) .... used to activate pop-up/pull-down menus


      On Sun machines, the window manager's "Properties..." menu allows the
      user to choose what happens when a menu is invoked with the SELECT
      button (rather than MENU): "Selects default" or "Displays menu".
      Daylight programs make commonly used menu choices default, so
      "Selects default" option can be used to good effect.  (For instance,
      in the Grins "Utilities" menu, "Undo" is the default choice.)

Text Panes:

      Some Daylight programs use the XView "text subwindow" for input and
      output (e.g. the help widget).  Pressing the MENU button will bring
      up the text subwindow menu which allows the user to copy, paste, and
      find text as well as to save it to a file which can be used for other
      things, e.g. printing.

Copy/Paste Keys:

      On SGI machines, a special script must be run before you start
      any Daylight programs:

          $DY_ROOT/bin/rebindkeys_sgi                           # SGI

      This modifies your keyboard definitions so that the "Copy" and
      "Paste" keys become F6, and F8 (SGI) or KP_F2, and KP_F3 (HP).