Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008

Object Synopsis

sequence -- object holding other objects in a particular order.


A sequence object holds any number of other object's handles, and an order for those handles. A newly-allocated sequence is empty; objects are added by appending or by inserting into the "current position", and are deleted by deleting the current object.

The "current object" is defined as the one most recently returned by dt_next(3). When dt_reset(3) is applied to a sequence, the current object is thought of as an imaginary object before the first object in the sequence; if dt_next(3) reaches the end of the sequence, the current object is an imaginary object after the last object in the sequence.

Objects in a sequence are not "related to" the sequence -- that is, they don't have it as a parent or base object (see dt_parent(3) and dt_base(3)). Thus, modifying or deallocating the sequence has no effect on the objects whose handles it contains.

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