Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008

Object Synopsis

merserver -- object representing a connection to a Merlin server


A merserver object represents a TCP/IP connection from a client program to a Merlin server. It is also the ultimate ancestor (parent) of all Merlin-related objects, i.e. pool, hitlist, column, datatype, and fieldtype objects.

Because a merserver object represents an external entity (the merlinserver program, running independently), it has properties that persist even after the object is deallocated (e.g. passwords). Furthermore, those properties are shared among all of the clients attached to the server; if one client changes a property, it is changed for all clients.

If the Merlin server program "crashes" or is killed, the merserver object remains as a valid object, but any attempts to communicate with the server will result in a "Lost connection" error message.

If the merserver object is deallocated, then all child objects (pool, column, hitlist, etc.) are also deallocated. The server detects disconnections, and deallocates any resources the client might be using (open pools, columns, hitlists).

Related Topics

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